Popular Infant Formulas for Preemies

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With the many infant formulas on supermarket shelves, new parents of preemies may be confused about the best product for premature babies. Choosing a formula is definitely a decision that should be made with your neonatologist or pediatrician, but learning about the different types can help you and your doctor to make an informed decision.

Similac Neosure

-infant Formula with Iron

  • A 22 Cal/fl oz, nutrient-enriched* formula for babies who […]

Taking care of Preemie Baby

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Premature infants, also known as preemies, are babies who come into the world earlier than 37 to 42 weeks from their mother’s last menstrual period. Preterm delivery happens, and its cause remains unknown until today. Some attribute it to the health condition of the mother during pregnancy including hypertension, gestational diabetes, heart or kidney problems, and more. Preterm birth may also happen because of a mother’s lifestyle choices while pregnant […]

Inspiring gift ideas for NICU families

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Many family members and friends of those who have new preemie babies want to provide help and support, especially during the first difficult weeks or months while the baby is in the NICU. But, how do you acknowledge this important event, this precious new little life?

Choosing a meaningful and helpful gift for a new parent of preemie baby can be a bit challenging task. The following gift ideas will help […]

Having a Premature Baby in Singapore

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The wish of every mom-to-be to give birth to a full-term and healthy baby. Yet some babies are arrive much earlier than expected. This article focuses on overall facts and useful information of premature births in Singapore and help to prepare parents of preemies and parents-to-be when it comes to caring for your delicate miracle baby or twins.

Almost 1 of every 10 infants born in Singapore are premature, or preemies. […]