A fast solution to get essential preemie, tiny and newborn size clothes in Singapore!

A Family Venture

How it all started…

6The journey began after I was having my second child. I found that it is too stressful to go shopping and search for suitable infant clothes, especially tiny baby sizes. There was always limited time and I could only plan to go to one or two shops per day while my hubby was helping me with the kids.

Still, it wasn’t easy to find appropriate sizes for newborn babies. To be honest, it was the last thing I felt like doing; I’d rather be at home with my princess! Online shopping was the answer for our family. It’s easy, convenient and fast!

However, instead of buying from the “right” online stores, I found myself hopping from site to site! To make matters worse, I now had to wait at least a week before I could receive my parcel from an overseas online store. I thought it would be great if there was a dedicated website to find a range of reasonably priced infant clothes or find a special gift to celebrate the birth. A one-stop boutique style baby shop “www.tinybabies.com.sg” was the answer!

It is a fast solution for today’s smart, savvy, style-conscious and modern mothers to get essential and stylish preemie, tiny and newborn size clothes for their little ones.

Tiny Babies aims to provide unique, high quality and affordable clothes for babies (aged 0-24 months) in Singapore.

Rest assured that we only sell products that we would put on own children! In fact, some baby clothes were used for my two babies and I found that they were feeling comfortable and less irritable all the time. I found that it is easy to travel, change diapers, cuddle and breastfeed my little ones.

Our core values

We only use baby products of the highest quality and safety that meet national or international requirements.

We continuously search for unique designs and styles and make it readily available in Singapore to make the journey of parenthood easier and happier.

Our collection

The collections are mainly for newborns aged 0 to 24 months. Our products are sourced from UK, USA, Russia and China. These include unique designs of infant clothes and even some brands that are currently not available in Singapore.

Now, you can order it from our online shop!

I would like to welcome you to “Tiny Babies” for an enjoyable online shopping experience in the relaxing comfort of your home.

Forget about queuing, traveling, waiting and stress. You will feel equipped with the essential baby stuff for the first year and enjoy more time with your little ones. Your shopping adventure starts here….

It is a privilege to serve you and I hope you will enjoy shopping at www.tinybabies.com.sg


Best Regards,

Zlata Luneva

The Creator of ‘Tiny Babies’ online shop

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