Do you know a family with a poor/complicated prenatal diagnosis or has a child in the NICU?

Our aim is to provide comfort and support for families who are experiencing the difficult preemie journey. Therefore, a complimentary NICU care packaged was designed for parents of preemie babies that are currently under the care of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We include items that encourage bonding between the parents and baby while recording memorable moments during the hospital stay.


  • 1x Preemie Bodysuit  “NICU Graduate 2021”

  • 1x Poster ‘My NICU Family’ (digital file), send by email (upon request)

  • 1x Bib (random selection)

  • A set of 5 milestone cards. Handmade Crochet Octopus is made by volunteers in Singapore (while stock lasts)

Hello World
I’m a NICU Graduate
My First Kangaroo Cuddle
Today, I had my first bath
Hooray,I am going home today

These beautiful milestone cards are created to offer parents an easy and special way to celebrate the unique milestones that premature babies experience. e hope that with these cards you will be able to remember and celebrate each of those important steps during the stressful and scary times they are going through.

How do you use NICU Family Poster?

Invite all doctors, nurses, clinic staff, therapists, family members to write their name or message inside the space on the hot air balloon or cloud. When it is full, frame your poster to create a beautiful wall art at your baby’s nursery room.

How to request NICU Care Package

To request for this Free NICU Care Package, please write to and provide the following information:

Child weight, gender and name/Parent Name/Home address.


  • The baby is in the NICU at the time of the request. The first priority will be given for a preemie baby who is staying at NICU long term.

  • We do not send package if the baby discharge from the hospital.

  • Baby’s weight is less than 2.5kg (5lb)

  • The package is subject to availability and change without prior notice.

  • No delivery outside of Singapore.

Delivery options

  • Currently, we deliver NICU Care Package by SingPost (normal mail).

  • No Delivery on Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday.

  • Due to this overwhelming response, the delivery of the package might take time.

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Preemie Handmade NICU Care Package

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