Have you been invited to a baby shower, but do not know what gift to bring? Fret not! Floral Garage Singapore, a top florist in Singapore, has put together this article to share its flower expertise with you. These flowers can complement other baby items you may wish to get from us!

There are three things to consider: the occasion, the gender, the profile of the hostess.

Buying flowers with delivery in Singapore need not be expensive. Read on to find out how to save money on getting flowers delivered to the baby shower!

New Baby Occasion – Congratulatory Flowers

Baby showers are hosted to celebrate the birth of a new baby. This is definitely a joyous occasion for the family! You would need flowers that are suitable for such a congratulatory occasion. Floral Garage Singapore recommends Sunflowers and Gerbera Daisies. These are bold, open and welcoming flowers.

Wouldn’t you like a mini-sized bouquet that the new-born can hold? Below are the two cheapest “bite-sized” sunflower and gerbera daisies bouquets, at S$19.90 each only!

affordable flowers for baby shower

Gender of the baby

If the baby is a male, masculine colours such as blue and purple are preferred. Blue and purple are strong colours for any strong and masculine baby boy! If the baby is a female, feminine colours such as red and pink are preferred. They are softer and more barbie-doll colours for the gentle baby girl. What if you know that the baby’s name is Ashley and you do not know the gender? Neutral colours such as orange and yellow are good.

Profile of the hostess – Budget flowers or premium flowers?

If the hostess comes from a rich family and invites you to his private estate for the shower, you definitely do not want to be bringing a small bunch of flowers. Floral Garage Singapore recommends a budget of $60 and above for an appropriately sized bouquet.

If you know the colour theme of the baby shower, you may order matching colours. You can refer to this article to find out your complementary colours. Then, simply order the flowers with those colours!

What if you do not know what to get?

Simply let the expert floral artisans at Floral Garage craft a bouquet suited to the occasion. At S$34.90, 64.90 and 159.90, Floral Garage offers three sizes of Freestyle Bouquets at the respective budgets: Freestyle Bouquet, Premium Freestyle Bouquet and Deluxe Freestyle Bouquet.
Simply choose your style, recipient’s age, and the occasion, and let them do the rest!

Affordable  Flowers

At Floral Garage Singapore, they offer sunflower and gerbera bouquets below the price of S$38. Do check them out. They are our preferred florist partner for their affordable prices and excellent quality and service.

Of course, there are many ways flowers can be used to spruce up a baby shower. You may get table centrepieces, artificial flowers, flowers from the ceiling, floral backdrops etc. If you have any questions and needs, just give Floral Garage Singapore a call and they can help you out! Even for last minute requests, they will oblige as they provide urgent same-day floral delivery.

This article was contributed by Floral Garage Singapore Pte Ltd

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