Feeling anxious and excited?  Yes, you are!

Your delivery due date is getting closer and baby’s birth is right around the corner. It’s a good idea to get your hospital bag ready at least three weeks in advance, as in some cases, a baby can arrive earlier than you can expect.

Here’s what you need to pack in your hospital bag for you and your new baby.


Nursing Bra, Breast Pads & Nipple cream

During the first few days after delivery your breasts are likely to be tender and swollen when your milk comes in whether or not you choose to breastfeed. Choose a good comfortable bra and pack at least two of it in your hospital bag. Breast pads will help you to absorb milk leaks.

Maternity Pads

The hospital usually provides sanitary pads because of heavy blood flow after delivery. However, it is recommended to buy more in advance in case you need them.

Underwear & Nightgown

A typical hospital stay is two nights for a normal delivery and three nights for c-section, so it is advisable to take an extra pairs of underwear which are suitable for wearing with maxi-pads or you can take disposable ones for everyday use. Comfortable and front-buttoned nightgowns are recommended for the ease breastfeeding of your baby.

Comfortable clothes, warm socks and flip flops

Choose loose fitting and comfortable clothes. You can pack one or two for your first photos with baby, receiving guests and when you go home. Be prepared that floor in the hospital is cold and your feet will be swollen in the next few days after delivery so warm socks and flip flops are really a great help!

Documents for hospital registration

Don’t forget to bring your IC (Identification Card) or Passport as well as documents from your gynecologist clinic for the registration and your medical records for nurses to see. For birth certificate registration, you will need to bring marriage certificate and spouse documents (original).


Check if your hospital provides the basic toiletries such as soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, otherwise, bring a small travel kit with you. Also, don’t forget wipes, a hair clip, water spray, moisturizer cream and lip balm.


Pack your favorite ones…. You taste will fluctuate, and you may not want to rely solely on hospital food.

Smartphone (cell phone) and charger

For the all-important first photo shot or video of baby to share your joy and happiness with your parents, relatives and friends!
Don’t forget about your hubby! He might need a warm sweater, as hospitals and delivery suites can be very cold.


Pregnancy pillow, plastic bag (to put dirty clothes), breast pump (not everyone can establish milk supply immediately after the birth), face towels, sleep bras.


Baby clothes

As newborn neck is not very strong after the birth, it is advisable to dress the baby in front-buttoned tops, wrap-over vests or undershirts rather than bodysuits which need to be pulled over the head and also might irritate the umbilical cord.

You can also dress up your baby in separate top and bottom. Choose two different sizes-Tiny Baby size (up to 3.4kg) and Newborn size (0-3 months, up to 4.5 kg) as it is hard to predict the exact baby weight at birth.

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Receiving blanket

Pack one or two blankets into your hospital bag; you will need it for swaddling your baby or to tuck around your baby in the car seat for the ride home. Another warm blanket is also a good idea to use in the hospital as it can be pretty cold!

Mittens, Booties & Hat

You can’t imagine how long a newborn’s fingernails can be! Mittens or clothes with build-in-mittens are helpful to prevent your baby from accidentally self-scratching. Booties will help to keep the feet warm.

Diapers and wet wipes

Although some hospitals may provide free samples of diapers and wet wipes, it might finish before you go home! Therefore, we highly recommend to take with you at least one newborn size diaper pack (NB) and wet wipes in the event if it is out of stock in the hospital pharmacy.

Car seat (optional)

Milk bottle & Milk powder

If you are not intending to breastfeed, check with your hospital if they provide your choice of formula milk. If they do not, bring along your desired brand of milk bottles and milk powder, and inform the hospital staff about it in advance.


Bibs, bottles & teats (if not breastfeeding), face cloths, cotton wool, muslin squares

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