Many parents are looking forward to create exciting and unforgettable birthday party for their little ones. Choosing a birthday theme, decorations, desert table, catering, venue, party entertainment to delight own child and guests can be challenging task and require a lot of planning but it is fun and rewarding when look into child’s happy eyes.

Children always look forward excitedly to receiving goodie bags at the end of a birthday party. Filed with sweets, noise-makers, toys and other treats, these are a great way to thank your guests for attending the party and are a memorable takeaway from the party.

Here are few creative and popular ideas for party favours and goodie bags that will make a lasting impression of your party!

Kids Activity packs, Painting and Colouring sets

Art pad with colouring pencils, crayons, activity books, stickers, play foam, sun catchers, painting set of money boxes or painting by numbers (canvas kit), sand arts, playdoh, DIY sunglasses, bags or crowns are popular items for goodie bags.

It is perfect for developing children’s essential first skills such as matching and visual discrimination and other skills and  fun art projects for little ones!

Where to buy: Toys”R”Us, Daiso, Gift Greetings, Popular, Value Shop, ELM Tree shop (Paragon), Art Friend

Water Bottles

It’s a great idea to get water bottles, kids can use over and over –a very practical gift for any child and perfect for school, lunch bags, or picnics in the park. To get your little guests more excited, get personalised water bottles for each kid or water bottles with their initials.

Where to buy: Decathlon Singapore, Daiso Japan, Cotton On, Value shop, Typo

Science Kit set

Bring out your inner mad scientist to make the gooiest Slime around! Science is so much more interesting when you can do a hands-on learning activity like making a bright green blob of fun!

Crystal Growing Kit (grow your very own crystals in the comfort of your home); Science Lab sets, Science 3D Night-Sight Goggles, Eggs Life kits, Glow-In-The-Dark Wonder Stars Super Kit, 3D Solar System Planetarium Model, Magnify glass, Compass, etc. There is a wide assortment of experimental and investigative kits available in the fields of astronomy, biology, geology, chemistry, and more to choose from.

Where to buy: Toys”R”Us, Daiso Japan, BHG, OG, Gift Greetings, Play2Learn, ELM Tree shop (Paragon), Science Centre

Assorted lego bricks/Lego Minifigures

Assortment of Lego bricks and other assorted Lego items perfect for young and creative minds.

Where to buy: Toys”R”Us, Daiso Japan, Gift Greetings, ELM Tree shop (Paragon), BHG


As educational as it is entertaining, this classic kid’s kaleidoscope fosters creativity, imagination and constant fascination. Point toward the light and experience a swirling explosion of brilliant colours. Twist the separate turning cell and create vibrant and fantastical moving colour patterns. Each turn creates a magical, intricate and iridescent mosaic that will dazzle and delight.

Where to buy: Toys”R”Us, ELM Tree shop (Paragon)

Rubik’s Cube

It is a little challenge not only for kids but also for adults! Can you solve Rubik’s Cube in 6 easy stages?

Rubik’s Cube is ideal for anyone who loved playing this traditional puzzle-solving game as a kid. Inspirational, educational and fun activity for everyone!

Where to buy: Toys”R”Us, Daiso Japan, ELM Tree shop (Paragon)

Children Books

If your little one is an avid reader, you can share their passion with their guests by giving a book lover goodie bag. You can also add in some pencils, stickers, library information, a bookmark, a reading light to complete the bag.

Where to buy: Popular Bookstore, ELM Tree shop (Paragon), Book Depository (online), My Greatest Child, Times Bookstore

Sport Theme: Football / Frisbees / Tennis / Pin Pon sets

Many parents are more than happy to see their child play sports as well as kids love to participate in physical activities with parents or friends. You can not go wrong with this gifts!

Where to buy: Decathlon Singapore, Daiso Japan, Kiddy Palace, ELM Tree (Paragon)

Kids Backpack

An ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight extra backpack for short hikes, which folds up into a small ball and can be stored in a backpack pocket. Practical accessories for any kid!

Where to buy: Decathlon Singapore, Aliexpress (online), Smiggle (Singapore), Lazada (online)


Kites are a classic flying toy well-beloved by parents and children alike. Great fun activities for the whole family!

Where to buy: Daiso Japan, Aliexpress (online), Barrage Cove @Marina Barage

Small travel games and Puzzles

Pocket travel croc chomp, Chess, Puzzles, Pictionary card game, Dominoes, Tangram, Let’s Go Fishing, Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game, SmartGames IQ Puzzler, Travel Bingo, Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Travel Memory game, Neon Pick Up Sticks, Puzzle Maze, Puzzles, Mikado Spiel, Playing cards (Old Maid/Donkey/Happy Family/Snap),Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere – Tic-Tac-Toe/Checkers/Hangman, Magnetic Board Game Sets and more.

Where to buy: Daiso Japan, Toys”R”Us, ELM Tree shop (Paragon)

Small Plants Grow Kit

Kids are curious about the world and will definitely have fun watching how the own plant grows. The kit usually includes seeds, pot and instructions.

Cartoon Digital Watch

Digital watch is a real fun for toddlers and older kids, especially when you match it with the birthday theme. . It is also a practical gift that will teach them about ‘TIME”, foster their independence and allow them to get into an established routine.

If you host a party for smaller kids, Cartoon Projection Watch is fantastic gift for this age group.

This watch displays date, time and month and have a projection/light switch that will show 20-24 images on any surface it is shined on. It also features popular characters including Pokemon, HelloKitty, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Barbie, Iron Man, Spiderman, Cars, Robocar Poli, Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds and more.

Stationery sets

 No matter the occasion, no matter the connection, a stationery gift set can always come in handy. The set usually includes pencil case, pencils, eraser, sharpener, ruler and stickers pad.

Where to buy: Daiso Japan, Toys”R”Us, ELM Tree shop (Paragon), Smiggle, OG (children section)

Summertime items

Our summer gift bag ideas are especially great if the birthday kid is hosting a pool party. Colourful beach ball, inflatable caly globes, bubbles, small squirt guns or dive toys, a pair of flip flops or sunglasses are great gifts for little ones. Enjoy hours of entertainment playing all sorts of fun games in the sun or at swimming pool.

Personalised items

Personalised Microfiber towels embroidered with each child’s name, Personalised Labels or Personalised T-shirts

Just imagine how each of the child will be trilled to see own name on the towel or labels, it is so special and very useful for toddlers or older kids who goes to the childcare or school. Other items to consider are Personalised bags and pouches, passport holders, luggage tags, pen holders, key chains, aprons, pencil cases, name tags, shoe  bags and table mats.

Where to buy: That Corner Shop, Etsy, UPrint Solutions (t-shirt)

Music Lover Goodie Bag

Help your child to pick out some of their favourite songs and burn mix CDs for all the birthday guests. You can also print a special label for the CDs to commemorate the celebration and add inflatable instruments like guitars or small musical instruments.

Animal Lover Party Bag

For a group of animal lovers, let each child “adopt” a small stuffed animal to take home. You can even print off adoption certificates to make the kids feel extra special. Then, add some of your favourite animal shaped snacks or candies to complete the bag!


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We wish you to have a great party with your family and friends!