Reading a story book to your children before bedtime is very fun and useful tradition for the whole family. Why? The reasons are below.

Surprisingly, scientists prove that just 15 minutes of reading a “fairy tale” or story before bedtime will make you kids more obedient, brave, considerate of others, open-minded and attentive to the world around.

  • Discussion of the story after reading increases desire of the child to read independently, develops the imagination and increase vocabulary knowledge.


  • “Fairy tales” is a metaphorical language of the child which he or she intuitively understands and which makes possible a dialogue between the world of the story and the child’s own subjective world. “Fairy tales” are full of lessons relevant in any society that are waiting to be noticed by the child.


  • Fantasy world is very simple, the child can recognise clearly about good and bad and get involved in various situations and problems that they can relate to their own or answer important questions for example about greed and generosity, good and evil, loneliness and friendship, egoism and help for others.


  • The fairy tale — a good way of education source. Children love to associate themselves with the characters in the story. Therefore, if you want to to teach your child about certain behavior, then find the “fairy tale” which main character is most similar to your child. Read moral and courage stories and when your child will accosiate him/herself with main hero, then will definitely act and behave in the same way.


  • It is an excellent way to calm down and channel the positive energy and thougths to your child. Try to find books with happy ending, the stories that teach good always overcomes the evil, hero’s efforts and persistence help to overcome any difficulties. These stories will calm down your child and install believe that everything is good and the world is very clear.


  • Reading is a very important for children and parents may understand the child’s own  “world” and thoughts trough it. Sometimes, they might ask to read the same “fairy tale” story again and again, try to understand why, maybe he associate himself with the story, most probably he faces the similar situation at childcare, home or school or the book describes his fears. If the child experience some problems (for example fight with friends), try to find a story book that shows right solution for the problem.

Don’t stop reading  with your children. Is not just wounderful for development but also is a great way to spend time together as a family! Find out the range of books about Singapore here