Baby First Year Milestone Cards (preemie/newborn)-original design by Tiny Babies!

These beautiful milestone cards are created to offer parents an easy and special way to celebrate the unique milestones that premature babies experience.

We hope that with these cards you will be able to remember and celebrate each of those important steps during the stressful and scary times they are going through. Enjoy a special price now! click here


Enjoy special preemie or newborn packages and capture beautiful images of your little one or twins at the hospital or home by our partner, a kids and family photographer Anna Panchenko!

Preemie in-hospital package (exclusive package with Tiny Babies)

Each day parents wakes up, return to the NICU, and sit by the side of their little fighters whispering loving words, cuddling, and taking care of them. Those difficult days in the hospital and early days at home are filled with powerful emotions. Photographing these special moments is a healing gift of love that parents treasure and share forever.

Make a special gift for your loved ones!


Littleones Photography specialize in maternity and newborn photography. Get in touch with the Master Photographers, Kate or Emily to book your shoot.

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PramWash-Cleaning for Prams, Strollers & Car Seats

PramWash is the leader in cleaning strollers and child car seats with a simple mission of transforming them into sparkling clean, sanitized and looking brand new before putting your child in it. Use a special code “TinyBabies10” which give you 10% off all cleaning services. Call 8686-8001 or book online now to get your prams cleaned!


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